IOW Plant 2

IOW Plant 2, otherwise known as the “Rocket Plant,” was built to produce double base rocket propellant.

DuPont was awarded a contract in 1944 to build he plant on 8,300 ares.  Construction started in December 1944 with 17,585 construction workers. Production began in July of 1945 and work on the unfinished facility was terminated in August of 1945 after 292,700 lbs of rocket propellant was manufactured.

Most of the land used for Plant 2 was sold during the 1950s.  The remaining portion, where the Black Powder Manufacturing Plant was located, was the initial ground given to the State of Indiana for the Charlestown State Park.   This land includes the site at the mouth of 14 Mile Creek known as Rose Island, a once thriving amusement park that was washed away during a major flood of the Ohio River in 1937.  A DVD that tells the story of Rose Island is available from the Charlestown Library


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