Items Produced

The following items were produced through July 1, 1955

IOW Unit

Smokeless Single-Base, Single and Multi-Perforated Cannon Powder

Smokeless Single-Base Rifle Powder


Diphenylamine (DMA)

Dimethylamine (DMA)

Ammonium Nitrate Aqueous Solution

Smokeless Powder (Reblended)Smokeless Powder (Rebagged)

HOP UnitSmokeless Powder charges for

75MM Howitzer

81MM Mortar

90 MM Gun

105MM Howitzer

155 MM Howitzer

155MM Gun

240 MM Howitzer

4.5 Inch Gun

6 Inch Gun

8 Inch Gun

12 Inch Gun

14 Inch Gun

16 Inch Gun

Primers were loaded for a variety of shells, grenades, mines, and bombs

The following photo shows items produced at INAAP during the 1980s.