Operating Contract History (Partial)

Operating Contractors

E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company (IOW)

Goodyear Engineering Corporation (HOP)

Liberty Powder Defense Corporation (Indiana Arsenal – combined operations at IOW and HOP)

Olin Matheson Chemical (Indiana Arsenal/Indiana Army Ammunition Plant)

ICI Americas Inc (Indiana Army Ammunition Plant)

Early Operating Contracts Utilized


W-ORD-458 (DuPont) – Contract for construction and operations throughout WWII until shutdown on January 1, 1946 and the plant was turned over to the government on February 11, 1946.

W-49-010-ORD-47 (DuPont) – Construction, reactivation, operation, and layaway of facilities for production of smokeless powder, DPA and DMA.   January 3, 1052 to September 25, 1957.


W-ORD-498 (Goodyear) – Contract for construction and operation of propellant charge bag loading facility.  Period:  December 19, 1940 – February 15, 1946.

Government:  February 16, 1946 to April 12, 1951.

Government/Contractor (Goodyear) – April 13, 1951 to June 30, 1952.

DA-11-173-)RD-98 (Goodyear) – Operation, and later layaway maintenance (September 1, 1957 – October 1, 1959).  On March 1, 1959, Goodyear took over Standby Maintenance of the IOW.

DA-11-173-ORD-97 – Liberty Powder Defense Corporation – Standby Maintenance of the Indiana Arsenal on a Cost Plus Fixed Fee contract.